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Ichigo 100%

Toujou Aya from Ichigo 100%


This site is for people who like anime and wish to get anime by trade. Note that you must have these animes already and I am only trading BACKUPS.
My name is Rinny and I frequent the Noated forum. Trade with me!

By entering this website you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:
For controversial reasons, if you are affiliated with any government, ANTI-Piracy group or any other related group, or were formally a worker of one you CANNOT enter this web site, cannot access any of its files and you cannot view any of the HTML files. If you enter this site you are not agreeing to these terms and you are violating code 431.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act signed by Bill Clinton in 1995 and that means that you CANNOT threaten our ISP(s) or any person(s) or company storing these files, and cannot prosecute any person(s) affiliated with this page which includes family, friends or individuals who run or enter this site.

- Use brand name discs like Fuji, Verbatim, etc and tell me what brand you're using. No silver tops!
- Trade by snail mail.
- 1 CD : 1 CD or 1 DVD : 1 DVD or 6 CD : 1 DVD
- Tell me your Noated nick if you have one
- I will only trade in USA and Canada
- Email me at maaeya [at] yahoo.com
- We send at the same time unless you don't have any past trading references- then you send first

- I charge $3 per dvd plus $3 flat shipping.


Recent Trades
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